About Us

Pusat Data Bisnis Indonesia (PDBI) was first established in 1980 as a data mining company and since then has evolved into the nation’s leading provider of Indonesian economic and financial profile. Our expertise in geopolitics and public policies have also equipped policy makers and top executives with strategic recommendations and implementable solutions that shape and influence policies and their impact on businesses for the past decades.

With over 35 years of data accumulation and information management capability, our research publications have been widely cited by a number of government institutions, state-owned enterprises as well as the private sector to construct strategic planning that enhances corporate performance and good governance. Aside from guiding national decision makers, PDBI business consultancy and lobbying services are also available for cross-border clients in identifying lucrative opportunities in Indonesia.

As a visionary institution, PDBI thinks ahead and realize the importance of a networking entity that facilitates effective lobbying effort of its members. In 2014 PDBI established an exclusive membership program designed to facilitate Indonesian top enterprises and professionals with networking and peer-to-peer advising benefits, as well as opening doors of opportunities for foreign entities in penetrating the Indonesian market.

Our membership is the key to effective networking and lobbying at a strategic level as well as wealth of information pertinent to institutional growth. Since access to PDBI consultancy, publications and events are members exclusive,  we welcome you to refer to our Membership page for complete information and explore the benefit of joining.