Special Studies

S p e c i a l  S t u d i e s 

1.    America Indonesia Business
2.    Bank Bali (Vol. I – III)
i.    Special Report of Bank Bali for the Indonesian Securities & Exchange Commission (Sept ’99)
ii.    ICW Investigation Report on Bank Bali Case 
iii.    Investigating Bank Bali Cash Flow 
3.    Comparative Study of Proficient Good Governance
4.    Europe-Indonesia Business
5.    Indonesia Forum in New York June 11-14, 2000 – Special Report
6.    Foreign Direct Investment & Domestic Investment in Indonesi (PMA/PMDN) 1967-1980 (PMA/PMDN) – Special Research
7.    Japan-Indonesia Business
8.    Global Climate Change 
9.    The Case of Peso, Rupiah, & the IMF
10.    US-Indonesia Business Opportunity Vol. A & B
11.    WTO/GSP