Business consultancy

PDBI indicates prospective opportunities and the strengthening of market presence within Indonesia and Southeast Asia. This is made possible through research-based strategies and strategic consultancy. With partner offices in United States, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, and Korea, our analysts are ready to serve clients’ need in the emerging market.

We offer lobbying services to bridge successful partnerships between the private and public sector, as well as between domestic and foreign companies.  Our advice aims to add competitive advantages for investors and stakeholders of Indonesia’s top businesses in constructing the right action plans for successful market expansion. 

Our conceptual strategies are laid out in the following areas:

  1.   Risk & Need Assessment
  2.   Market Research & Consultancy
    • Market Entry & Market Growth Research
    • Go-to-Market Strategy Consulting
    • Cross Border Investment and Business Matchmaking Service
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility Program Design and Matchmaking

PDBI provides our Members with complimentary 1-session consultancy to meet your research need. Contact us to schedule your appointment with our research division today.