Due diligence

Parts of PDBI core expertise is providing our members with due diligence on Indonesia’s top growing industries and enterprises, ranging from state-owned enterprises, private, to multi-national corporations.  In order to provide such information, PDBI’s experience in database management enables the construction of a solid database that enhances the digitalization process of information keeping, retrieval, and dissemination within specific categories.  PDBI database utilizes XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) format that effectively captures and process pertinent key data/information that results in an efficient, well-managed database that is key to the following: 

  • Identifying threats & opportunities
  • Recommending strategic planning
  • Cost efficiency 

Informations from our database are available in the forms of custom due diligence research request.  In addition, PDBI also offers our Database Management expertise to assist corporations in streamlining information flow within the database for due diligence purposes.  Please contact our office for further assistance regarding both services.