Industry analytics

As the institution that pinpoints the “Who’s Who” of Indonesia’s top growing industries for decades, our signature “PDBI 2.0 Industry Analytics” technology is the key to enhance your industry performance.  PDBI 2.0 Industry Analytics cloud-based solution offers a dynamic and cost-effective analytical system with flexible customization capability to fulfill the varying requirement of each industry.

PDBI 2.0 Industry Analytics mechanism captures and disseminates key information to identify threats that influence survival and opportunities to promote future growth of corporations, and provides implementable solutions required for strategic planning.  Such technology architecture and methodologies combined with PDBI expert analysis will place your corporations as champions within the industry competition.

PDBI 2.0 Industry Analytics is currently available for the following sector:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Automotive & Components
  3. Basic Industry & Chemicals
  4. Consumer Goods
  5. Finance & Banking
  6. Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
  7. Infrastructure, Utilities & Transportation
  8. Machinery & Heavy Equipment
  9. Mining
  10. Property, Real Estate & Construction
  11. Textile & Garments
  12. Trading, Services & Investment

Members of PDBI are entitled to a complimentary “Diagnostic Session” with our technology division.  Find out how by contacting our office.