Industry Intelligence

I N D U S T R Y  I N T E L L I G E N C E

PDBI Industry Intelligence is a custom, annual research report that summarizes the following:

1. Analysis of industry development

  • Market size, growth and the industry breakdown
  • Current trends, analysis of industry prospects
  • Industry drivers and challenges

2. Analysis of industry leaders and market segment

  • Major industry players and market share
  • Profiles of major industry players
  • Analysis and assessment of key industry players – risks, profitability,  etc

3. Analysis of industry-related government regulation/policies

  • Analysis of current government policies & regulations for the industry
  • Impending issues related to policies & regulations, monitoring and enforcements

The following industries are included in our areas of research:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Automotive & Components
  3. Basic Industry & Chemicals
  4. Consumer Goods
  5. Finance & Banking
  6. Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
  7. Infrastructure, Utilities & Transportation
  8. Machineries & Heavy Equipments
  9. Mining
  10. Property, Real Estate & Construction
  11. Textile & Garments
  12. Trading, Services & Investment